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2017 MMA Update By Kyle Roope | Jan. 9, 2017

I just wanted to start off by saying that I am in no way an MMA fighter or have I ever claimed to be really involved in the sport. That being said, I am a super fan of the UFC and MMA in general and have always wanted to write about my thoughts on the matter. I am also doing it as another way to add content to my site and to bring in readers and eventual followers of my upcoming podcast on all things from MMA to hunting to every day life type of topics. Anyway, I just wanted to give an introduction to this MMA blog and say welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is an amazing fighter, let me just start with that. If you have watched any of his fights in the past few years then you already know this. After his last performance at UFC 205 in MSG in New York, I was just amazed at the fact that he backed up his words once again and was finally able to solidify the two belts. As for the UFC stripping Conor of his 145' title, I do think that was in bad taste by the UFC and that they should have at least let Conor try to defend that title early this year while he is still healthy and ready to go.

I think a second fight for Conor with Jose Aldo would be worth watching and I think that Jose deserves the chance at that rematch before either of those two fighters move on for other bouts. Also, it would make sense that after the Aldo fight, Conor could fight Khabib and get that out of the way before the year is even close to over with. The bottom line is that Conor is running the UFC right now and it is backed up by the fact that he has the highest draw ever and everyone out there is screaming his name looking for the next big Conor McGregor superfight. And for me I cant wait to see who he will face next inside the octagon or perhaps the boxing ring, who knows.

Fight Night Penn vs. Rodriguez (145 lbs) Preview

Sunday, January 15, 2017 | 10PM/7PM ETPT | Pheonix, AZ

I was recently taking a look at this fight card and I thought to myself that this main event and the rest of the fights should be good. Historically, the cards that fly under the radar in the UFC are the ones with the most fireworks. Although I think Penn should have hung up the gloves years ago when he first retired, who am I to tell someone when or how they should retire. Either way I am excited to see Penn fight for the first time in a few years against the always exciting Yair Rodriguez. I think that Penn is in for a real challange with Yair and he better be ready for a war, because if he is not Yair will get him out of the fight quick. BJ is no where near his days when he was taking on Matt Hughes. It is up to BJ Penn to prove me wrong and that would be cool to see as well.

As for the rest of the card, there are some sleepers in the mix and I will point out a few to watch out for. Joe Lauzon vs Marcin Held (155 lbs) should be a great co main event for this fight night. Lauzon is always a fan favorite because he loves to brawl and is usually trying to finish fights. Held is just a bad ass Polish nightmare of a fighter that will certainly give Joe Lauzon a run for his money, these two should provide a great matchup.

Court McGee vs Ben Saunders (170 lbs) is also a really great fight. Court is an exciting fighter because he puts it all on the line and has a great wrestling and ground and pound style. Saunders is also very fun to watch and very tough himself. Both of these fighters have great takedown defense so it should be quite the chess match, or it could turn into a brawl and that is always good for the fans.

John Moraga vs Sergio Pettis (125 lbs) should be a great fight for the smallest division in the UFC. John and Sergio seem to be pretty well matched as far as takedown defense goes. I would expect Sergio to have a slight advantage on the takedown offense. Be on the lookout for a submission by Moraga or for Sergio Pettis to push the pace and try to wear Moraga out for a stoppage or a decision.

Thanks for reading and check back in before UFC and Bellator cards for more previews and post fight thoughts.