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Fishing So Far... By Kyle Roope | Feb. 28, 2017

Winter is in full swing here in Montana and I have been hitting the river quite often recently. Basically anytime that it is sunny and I have the day off of work I am out there getting a line wet. I was able to hook into a pretty nice rainbow on the Missouri River a few weeks back.

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Tying the Destroyer Articulated Streamer
Video & Audio Production by Kyle Roope

Here is a quick tying video that I recently made for my new "Destroyer" streamer pattern that works well on all types of trout. Feel free to contact me about the recipe or any other tying questions.

Tying the Caterpillar Streamer
Video & Audio Production by Kyle Roope

Here is a quick tying video of the "Caterpillar" streamer. This fly is productive when fishing for trout, walleye and other species. Feel free to contact me about ordering any of my patterns or on how to tie them yourself.

Winter Fly Tying in Montana By Kyle Roope

Lately I have been tying up a ton of streamer flies for my favorite time of the year to go fly fishing. Winter in Montana is a great time to get out on any river system. For me it is the fact that fish are still hungry, and if it is above 32 degrees you are ok for freezing temps. This will also ensure that you and your gear will stay thawed out and intact.

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2017 MMA Update By Kyle Roope

I just wanted to start off by saying that I am in no way an MMA fighter or have I ever claimed to be really involved in the sport. That being said, I am a super fan of the UFC and MMA in general and have always wanted to write about my thoughts on the matter. I am also doing it as another way to add content to my site and to bring in readers and eventual followers.

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