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Fishing So Far... By Kyle Roope | Feb. 28, 2017

Winter is in full swing here in Montana and I have been hitting the river quite often recently. Basically anytime that it is sunny and I have the day off of work I am out there getting a line wet. I was able to hook into a pretty nice rainbow on the Missouri River a few weeks back. It barely fit into my Fishpond Nomad net as you can clearly see in the photo I was able to snap. This thing put on quite the fight so I decided to take really quick photos while it was in the net and then it jumped right back into the water with strength. For sure one of the better fish I have ever pulled out of that particular stretch of the Missouri. (See below...)

I have caught quite a few of these bigger rainbows on the Missouri using my Caterpillar and my Destroyer streamers depending on what kind of fishing action is going on. But lately the Destroyer has been my streamer of choice just based on the amount and the quality of fish that go after that articulated streamer. I have a tying video for the Destroyer on the homepage if you would like to try it out.

Small Stream Action

After that great day on the Missouri, I was able to get up to one of my favorite winter time smaller streams and get into some nice Cutthroat Trout action on streamers once again. Occasionally I will drift a San Juan worm or another nymph pattern behind my streamer in the winter, but only when the streamer bite is not going off like usual. After a wild and brutal snow and rain mix that caused me to hold up under a favorite tree, I was able to get to a good hole and pull out this fine specimen. (See below...)

Good Cutthroat Action!

After that first Cutthroat ripped into the Destroyer streamer I knew that it was only a matter of time before I hooked into another fish. I fished for a while and hooked into a decent sized fish that wiggled my pinched barb out before I could get a good hook set. I was bummed about missing that fish but right after I hooked into a fat Cutthroat that fought pretty hard. This cutty had great colors and thick shoulders. It was one of the better Cutthroats I have caught over the years on this stream.

Other than that I have just been trying to tie some new flies for the upcoming warmer weather fishing seasons. I have been tying a lot of Golden Stonefly Chubbies that are of my own variation. Also, I have been tying a new foam grasshopper that I call "Kyle's Hopper" that I will do a write up on in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to read this and tight lines!